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Sewer / Water

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1. Who should I call with questions about my water / sewer bill?
2. How often do water / sewer bills come out
3. What payment options does the city offer?
4. Are water and sewer billed separately?
5. How do I start my service?
6. What is the basis for the charges on my bill?
7. I just bought a new home and the previous owner did not pay his/her last utility statement. Who is responsible for this bill?
8. I did some watering, why has my sewer bill gone up?
9. I am new to the City and have never received a water bill can you tell me how much it will run per month?
10. Will I still be billed sewer if I fill my pool?
11. I have a leak on the water line coming into my house, before the meter. Will the City come fix it?
12. I am looking into getting a new water meter or increasing the size of my water meter. What should I do?