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Map 09: Carter Hill Orchard Trails

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  1. Walking trails
Trail Access
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From Concord, take Penacook Street off North State Street. This road turns into Little Pond Road, then into Lake View Drive, then into Carter Hill Road. As you approach the top of the hill the driveway is a sharp “hair pin” turn to the left. It is 4.5 miles from corner of North State Street and Penacook Street to the farm.

The Trails

Hiking travel time: about 90 minutes
Distance: about 2 miles total 

Follow the signs and this guide will tell you a little of what you are seeing.

1. The block of trees to your right is called Malling 7A. These are semi-dwarf trees that grow 15’ tall and produce 7-10 bushels of apples per tree. The trees are planted 15’ apart and the rows are 25’ apart (110+/acre). Macintosh and Cortland are the only varieties planted here.

2. As you turn left at this Arrow (2) you are walking through 15 ac. of Malling 26. These trees will grow to about 8’ tall and will need help to support the weight of the crop, that is why you see a stake tied to each tree. Planted in this block are Macintosh, Cortland, Fuji, Gala, Elstar, John-A-Mac, Liberty, and Rome. The trees are planted 10’ apart and rows 18’ apart (250+/acre). They produce + 4 bushels.

3. At this arrow take a right. To your left is a 3-acre block of Mark Trees (a little smaller than the Malling 26). These trees are planted 8’ apart and the rows are 18’ a part (300+/acre). These trees will grow to 6’ tall and will also need assistance supporting crop weight. These trees will produce 2-3 bushels per tree. If you look to your left you will see Long Pond, the city’s water supply.

4. At this arrow you are half way home. You are at the top of what we call the ’75 block, named for the year it was planted. There are 8 acres of Malling 7A consisting of 700 McIntosh and 100 Cortland trees. Looking behind you, a great maple stands in front of the farm with the distant mountains as a backdrop.

5. This was a 1.5 acre parcel of old trees which were pulled out and in their place 4 kinds of squash planted. It is anticipated that new trees will be planted here soon.

6. This is the site of a 10.5-acre block of Malling 7A consisting of Macintosh, Macoun, Cortland, Rome, Empire, Mutsu, and Delicious. Each row has 110 trees. Walking towards the farm stand you will have a fine view of the White Mountains. Farm pond is to your left.

Continue around the woods, take a right and you have reached the end of your walk. We encourage you to climb the observation platform and have a look at the mountain range that includes 19 of New Hampshire’s mountains.

In addition, there is a nice looping hike through the woods that you can take as an alternative to browsing through the groves.
The high point of this property is known as Parsonage Hill, once belonging to the farms of Nathan K. and Jeremiah S. Abbott. It is estimated to be the highest point of land in Concord. A 1902 map shows it as having an elevation of 800’. The farm in recent times was known as the Little Farm. The previous owner was the Farnum family. Sunnycrest Farms later owned and operated the orchard. The existing farm has been on this location for 75 years.