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Curbside & Residential Recycle Collection
Curbside Recycling Collection Service
The Curbside Recycle Collection Service is for residential properties with seven units or less within the City of Concord and Penacook, New Hampshire. Household recyclables are picked up once each week by the contractor on a scheduled day. The schedule runs from Monday through Friday.

Recyclable material must be placed curbside by 7:00 am on the day of pick-up and must be placed in the recycle bin provided by Concord General Services, or in a clearly labeled barrel (no more than a 35 gallon) with a recycling sticker, also available for at Concord General Services. Please do not place recycling in plastic bags or place any trash into the recycling. The City of Concord offers the convenience of single-stream recycling. All acceptable recyclable items can be placed together into the same container; recyclables do not have to be sorted in separate bins. Make sure items are emptied and clean, and boxes are broken down.

Residential Containerized Recycle Service
The Residential Containerized Recycle Service is for residents living in multi-unit facilities with eight or more units. Recycle containers are placed near the residential complexes for residents to put in household recyclable items. Containers are emptied by the contractor each week on scheduled days, Monday through Saturday.

Recycling does not have to be sorted and are all placed into the single stream container. Make sure the area in front of the dumpster is kept clean and free from snow or ice in the winter to allow for safe pick up. Residents should notify their property manager if a container is missed for pick-up. 

Concord General Services City of Concord Single Stream Recycling

Plastic materials #1-#7 are okay to recycle, except the above listed exceptions. Read our more detailed list of acceptable trash and recycling materials for items not listed above.

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